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Did you know that a lot of the products you will find on Warrior Plus are just 'fly by night' methods that worked one day, but won't work a few months later?  

I stopped wasting my money on the products that the 'Guru's' promote, several months ago, when I realized that the same promoters were just recycling the same garbage and slapping a bit of lipstick on it to make it a bit different and a bit better than the last time.

Some of the so called 'Guru's' post new products every month.  

Now, to be a little less cynical, some of the methods really do work.   The problem is, that when they sell the product, they sell the front end for a very small price, usually $7 to $12.  But it's not a complete know darned well that there are going to be 4 to 6, and sometimes more, upgrades that will make the product work 'the best'.  

Well, forget that.  It's a money grab!   Stop falling for it!  Pleeeeaaasssse!!!!  

First of all, none of us need all of that.  

And Second, we don't need to waste a bunch of money on fly by night products!  Emphasis on 'fly by night'.

Don't let the name 5 Dollar Store fool you.  These are not your typical Warrior Plus products.  The are actual software and tools to help you get more traffic leads and sales.  Not some method that worked last month and doesn't work this month because Google or YouTube of Facebook changed their terms, yet again

If these tools do happen to get outdated, they will be removed and replaced with newer, up to date tools.  And not that you or I, like throwing money away, was just $5 and if you actually took action and put it to work, I'm sure it cost less than the $5 special coffee or pint of beer that only took 1/2 hour to consume.  (now...I'm not one to judge...I like my vices...).  But I will only complain if I didn't get my money's worth.  (and to me...a latte ain't worth the $5 that I'd spend on one of these traffic getting tools... just sayin 😉)

Anyhow...See if there's something you can use.  And if not...check back.  Things can change.

Janice Giesinger

The Roaming Marketer

About Janice

I'm just a regular person who likes helping others make the best of any situation.

In business, I have found that we, as marketers, pay a premium for products and tools that can help us to get more traffic, leads and sales.  

In my experience, this is not necessary!  So I created this site to help people like me, save a bit of money to spend on things that can enhance our lives...not take away.   (for me, the savings can go towards a trip on my motorcycle, or towards the 5th Wheel Toy hauler that I dream of having!     

Dare to dream!  Where would you spend your savings?  


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