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Link Bypass: Making Sales Is Easier Than You Think

There are thousands of Youtube videos claiming how easy it is to make money online selling affiliate products, especially those using Clickbank products.

They look a lot like this: “How I make $200 per day just copying and pasting” etc. etc.   Some of these methods can and do work, but usually require quite a lot of effort and work.  Just dropping your affiliate link all over Facebook groups, forums, blog posts etc. can occasionally work, but has a very low conversion rate.

You will get much more success selling products with a more targeted approach by reaching the people that are looking to buy.  

Google Ads is one of the quickest methods to get almost instant traffic straight to your promotional landing page. 

Firstly, you must have a good landing page that’s relevant to the product you are promoting to warm up the prospective buyer.  You then need to set up your Google Ads Campaign with relevant and buyer converting keywords.


So once you have those 2 in place then it’s easy right? 

Somebody searches in Google for example, ‘how to lose weight fast’, then they click on your ad and read your wonderful article about how they are going to lose 20 pounds in a week and they click on the BUY button… and then… deep breath, they are redirected to the vendors sales page, where they have to read all about how to lose weight again or worse still have to watch a sales video for 20 minutes until a buy button appears.  Sigh…

Quite often the sales Vendors pages on Clickbank are ugly and outdated, too long and not very engaging.  You may have found a fantastic hot converting product, but if the vendor’s sales page is rubbish and doesn’t convert, you won’t get your sale.  

So why don’t you just link them straight from your wonderful new sales page straight to the checkout page?  Answer:  Because it doesn’t work!!   So now what?

If you have a bit of technical knowledge you may be able to paste the BUY button URL code straight onto your own BUY button on your article, but if you do this you will not get any commission for the sale because Clickbank, and all the other digital product networks require you to go through their sales page first so that your affiliate ID get linked to their network so you get a sale.

I recently started using Google Ads to promote some Clickbank products myself as I fancied learning the method to see if I could earn some extra cash. 

Once I set up my Google Ads campaign with my bridge page and keywords, it wasn’t long until I was getting clicks on my ads and onto the bridge page.

But the amount of hops showing in my Clickbank account was nowhere near the same amount that were clicking on my ads to the bridge page.   This would obviously mean the possibility of getting a sale was greatly reduced because, even if somebody clicked on my bridge page, I would then have to hope they were intrigued enough by the vendors sales page to click their BUY button to give me a sale.

I thought about linking directly to the vendor sales page from my google ads account, but after checking how to do this I quickly found out this will get your google ads account banned, as this is strictly NOT allowed by google. Even if this could be done, I wasn’t overly keen on using some of the ugly outdated click bank sales pages anyway.  So now what?

I then consulted a friend of mine who is an expert on PPC (they are hard to come by). I told Dave, (David Cassar) about my new dilemma of wanting to get better conversions using my own bridge page without having to redirect to ugly, bad converting sales pages on click bank. 

He told me he had just created and had started testing some software that does exactly that.  The software allows you to create a button link that you place on your own bridge page. When clicked, it goes directly to the Clickbank checkout page and bypasses the ugly sales page still ensuring your affiliate link is tracked to give you the sale.   

He gave me access to the software and I used it to set up a button link by simply pasting my affiliate link and the products button link into 2 fields.

And Voila…This created a NEW button link, which I pasted onto my bridge page and I then got my campaign going on google ads.  (some beta tester results below).

On checking my Clickbank dashboard stats later that same day i was amazed to see that after just 5 clicks I had made a sale.  So I created a couple more campaigns with new bridge pages and set up the buttons.  

I kept my daily ad spend budget very low at about $5 to $10 per day while testing new products for the next few days. Imagine my surprise when I saw that I had managed to get sales totalling $371. Woohoo!

I’m now in a position where I can start scaling this up, as my tests using this LinkBypass method have really proven to work. So I will now be searching through the thousands and thousands of available affiliate products on clickbank, Warrior Plus, JV Zoo and other networks to start testing them and see which ones convert the best.


The Roaming Marketer

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